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Darker than Black – Ryuusei no Gemini 02 : hide and seek

October 18, 2009

snapshot20091018145254twas a dark, cold night…

And a little girl was running, running…

snapshot20091018144948Good demonstration of the Garbage Defense

Unfortunately, finding refuge is not that easy when you have memory-wipers after you.

snapshot20091018145321errr, trick or treats ?

There is one that got through the net by pulling the old infirmary trick : Nika and his old secret base are here to save the day. Complete with junk food, old rifles and pamphlet printer. Because Suou is not going to stay huddled in fear forever, she’s stronger than that.

snapshot20091018145730now, on to the Slander attack !

snapshot20091018145844…you have a squirrel on your head…

Nika’s help is short-lived, he does have more pressing matters to attend. Like, trying to get his girl back. Everyone understands that.

But wait, back to Hei for a moment, I thought I saw something…

snapshot20091018145644CIA ? Whut ? and you’re an alcoholic now ?

So, where’s the Syndicate in this ? Oh, I’ll wait and see (and hope I’ll get an answer). Anyway, he’s got new playmates :

snapshot20091018151000Hat and rose talkative guy

snapshot20091018150312Reinforced concrete suit guy, a.k.a Garbage boy

snapshot20091018144903and here is his partner, Ninja girl ! always bring a ninja with you…

snapshot20091018145116…they also do comic relief and yuri bait. Awesome.

Hei gets to find Suou first, and mistake her for Shion (as the little weasel intended I’m sure). But realizing his mistake, he runs away (with her) from the MI-6’s magician, the army and the two Japanese contractors. He manages to take down the magician, but the Japanese geeks have new tricks up their sleeves…

snapshot20091018150559and I bet it hurts…

snapshot20091018150550…a lot.

Now, two important questions to ponder :

snapshot20091018150118snapshot20091018145046and what is he ?

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