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Sentimi, non partir

September 17, 2009

Not updating much, I see ! Well, not watching much either.
Then I will do with what I have, and what I have been showed.
Want to follow me into the realm of music ?..

It seems part of my family still hasn’t given up on me and try again and again to educate me about music. I am a willing pupil, I am just not very gifted (and hard-working).
Last night, the lesson was “Discover Johann Christian Bach” (1735-1782). Last son of good ol’ J.S, spent his time between Germany, Italy and England, composing operas and influencing a young brat named Mozart along the way.
Granted, the conditions were optimal.

Concert at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées (Exhibit 1)
with Philippe Jaroussky (Exhibit 2)
and the young up-and-coming marvelous orchestra everyone in the world should know by now, Le Cercle de l’Harmonie (Exhibit 3).
Been there, heard them live before and loved it. Optimal, I said.
Except I was dead tired and afraid to fall asleep on the spot. I know I would have to endure pitying glances at family reunions for a while if I did that (sadly, it happened before), so the stakes were high.
The plan was to stay awake through this :
Jean-Chrétien Bach : « Vo solcando un mar crudele » (Artaserse, scena ultima, aria di Arbace, 1760)
Récitatif et rondeau « Sentimi non partir… Al mio bene a lei che adoro » (1779, pour M.Tenducci)
Haydn : Concerto pour violon et cordes en sol majeur Hob VIIa : 4
Jean-Chrétien Bach : Récitatif « Perfida Cartismandua » et cavatine « Tra l’orror » (Carattaco, acte 2, sc. 1, cavatine di Caratacco, 1767)
Air « Pugna il guerrier » (La Clemenza di Scipione, 1778)
Air « Cara, la dolce fiamma » (Adriano in Siria, aria di Farnaspe, 1778)
Symphonie en sol mineur opus 6 n°6
Récitatif et rondeau « Ebben si vada…Io ti lascio » (vers 1778, rondeau favori de M. Tenducci)
Air « Ch’io parta ? » (Temistocle, aria di Lisimaco,1772)

And you know what ?


It was enthralling and beautiful. I am no judge, but my dad is, and the way he (among others) was applauding and shouting “BRAVO !!!” confirm it was exceptional. But why am I telling this interesting tale of “How I Spent Yesterday Evening” ?

Because there will be a CD to buy !

52584a0afde13d80Hehe I guess advertising is not beyond me…I hope it doesn’t show :-°

It will be out on November 2, and available online as soon as September 28 !

If you want some samples, you can listen to the singer here and the orchestra here (performing other pieces of music).

Thank you for bearing with me and I hope you will like it !

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