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Valkyria Chronicles 22-23 – My beloved monster

September 13, 2009

snapshot20090913163452and now you regret being kind to her, don’t you Selvaria ?

Alicia is now offcially a weapon and gets to go in the regular army, a promotion, and no respect whatsoever.

snapshot20090913165547Proud to be a soldier, sir !

Though half of them take some time to recover from fear of the Unknown Superpowers (and break Alicia’s heart in the process), Squad 7 is not happy with the situation. But what can they do ? Except punch some officers in the face. Even Welkin is glad to join and win a free trip to sick bay. Now that he’s found out how to express his feelings, he does a lot of shouting and running, too. Good boy. You don’t call his girl a monster and get away with it.

snapshot20090913170145You should beware of Squad 7, now reunited in love, friendship and violence !

Meanwhile, Maximilian has a Plan to win against the odds (it involves engineers, I’m waiting…).

snapshot20090913165638Second Crown Prince doesn’t like the sound of his title

Oh, and let’s not forget about the orphanage scenes from Alicia’s dream. Some experiments on children seem to have taken place somewhere. Selvaria was here too. Army of Valkyries, anyone ?


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