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Valkyria Chronicles 20-21 – Desert hurricane

September 8, 2009

snapshot20090907224444See the little dot ? That’s Faldio. Hi Faldio !

Maximilian is in trouble at home, so he prepares his final strike against Gallia.

snapshot20090907222812oooh, so that’s why the Militia kept winning, they couldn’t care less !

The stage : the plains of Naggiar. Both the Militia and the Army, confident and strong due to their recent winning streak, go out to meet the Imperial forces.

At the beginning, it’s just regular warfare, with the odd supertank or two. Squad 1 is on the front, Squad 7 is staying behind at the camp.

snapshot20090907224011oh hi, new in town ?

snapshot20090907223848Even Spineless Barbie Princess came to raise morale !

snapshot20090907223142I have a bad feeling about this…

You wouldn’t think Maxililian came without a super secret Weapon of Mass Destruction ?

Say hi to Auntie Selvaria…

snapshot20090907224138she looks so tiny…

snapshot20090907224338…and he looks so suprised to die in a GIANT BLAST OF BLUE LIGHT

Selvaria basically devastates the battlefield, leaving only Faldio alive. And passably deranged.

Back at the camp, panic rises as they monitor the Valkyrie’s progress. Damon tries to get Cordelia out on the battlefield since she has Valkyrian blood, but the poor girl is useless. But leave the things in the hands of crazy Faldio, he has a plan…

Step 1 : Shoot Alicia. And end episode 20 on this.

WTF ?????????


Step 2 : Kidnap the Princess and her Regalia


snapshot20090907225720Good thing Welkin was sent out on the battlefield at that point…

snapshot20090907225839I wonder…

After repeatedly begging for Alicia to wake up (you SHOT her dumbass don’t start crying), Faldio uses the oldest trick in the book : Welkin ! Danger ! Go save him ! Which actually works in getting a weird glowing grey and red Alicia to wake up and smell the bombshells. Time for an EPIC GIRLFIGHT !!!

snapshot20090907230150Selvaria doesn’t like to be plagiarized…

snapshot20090907230509Mobile Armor Alicia Melchiott doesn’t care

snapshot20090907230612Nice lipstick, where did you get it ?

snapshot20090907230833Awww, she left, I still wanna play…

The Imperial Army retreats, Alicia faints in the arms of Welkin and gets her color back.

Okayyyyy. The Valkyries are a bit over the top, but hey, that’s part of the fun, still, it’s a good thing they waited till the end to use that card. We shall see what becomes of them…

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