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Valkyria Chronicles 17-19 – Only the good die young

September 6, 2009

snapshot20090905223853A day at the beach isn’t supposed to end like this… Not like it started better anyway.

snapshot20090905221359Sounds like a good well-thought trap plan !

snapshot20090905222758Storm the beach !

Since the nice guys at the top of the chain of command just looove dead Militian heroes, Squad 7 must open the way for the Gallian Army to reclaim Mulberry beach. Isara works nights to design new, more efficient smoke bombs, which prove useful against the Imperial soldiers hiding in their bunkers. A new victory for our daring commander ?

Sure, except Imperial soldiers are dutiful to the end… and in her endeavour to protect Squad 7 by protecting Rosie, Isara didn’t think about herself.

snapshot20090905224130If you strain you ears, you can hear the sound of Rosie’s heart breaking

This is a huge blow to everyone, especially her brother.

snapshot20090905223522Quite, really…

snapshot20090905223810There’s a time limit on that attitude though

To take their minds off their loss, thoughtful General Damon demands to see who made the smoke bombs. And tramples the Darcsen shawl covering the Edelweiss. Welkin takes the blame for everyone’s anger, and doesn’t even try to stop his men getting in trouble. Alicia tries to explain this is not the solution, but the man is in his own Great Wall of China here.


snapshot200909052322372 seconds of surprise, then this. Bad timing is bad.

Faldio cleans up the mess as usual, and vents his own feelings by punching Welkin in the face. Still not helping. A new mission may provide the right effect though. Just need a new operator for Edelweiss… what about that Rebel Leader guy from episode 13 ?

Back to Bruhl it is, then ! Taking back your hometown must mean something for Alicia, Susie and Welkin. The mission is another success. Wandering in his house, Welkin is still working on his grief, when Alicia comes in. She eventually finds out what’s wrong with him and manages to unlock the Three Gorges Dam.



As a footnote, Faldio fins out that Alicia is a Valkyrie. Not very suprising, but very promising…

So yesterday I was thinking, “what about picking up Valkyria again, I have time for a few episodes right now”, and by the end of episode 17, here I was :

snapshot20090905223630…except angrier. Oh nonononono, not Isara they didn’t dare !!!

Isara being my favorite character, this was very frustrating at first. But I liked the way they all dealt with it, even if I had to turn the volume down when Welkin started crying, for fear my neighbors would come banging on my door.

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  1. September 6, 2009 16:57

    Noooo! How could they?! T_T Several series are moving closer to the end and many people die – it is so sad ­čśŽ

  2. September 6, 2009 19:08

    The writers, they know where to strike… which proves they know their job, a good thing after all.

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