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Valkyria Chronicles 13-14 – Dark Night

July 29, 2009

Corrupt high command, concentration camps, blowing up trains, resistance fighters, hard decisions, now where have I seen it before… Still, impressive episodes.

snapshot20090728222337nice atmosphere, gives you just the feeling of the place

snapshot20090728221216the proof that high command is corrupt ? He’s still alive.

The mighty Gallian Army is again trying to send their best asset to certain death. Seriously, what’s their problem with the Militia ? Welkin is the only one that actually wins battles around here. Definitely fishy.

But hey, that’s what cannon fodder are here for, am I right ?


So the next rotten target is Fouzen, a ragnite mine guarded by an armored train with great firing range. And who is in charge ? Dear old Gregor and his amazing Darcsen concentration camps.

Squad 7 and 1 succesfully infiltrate the town thanks to the Darcsen resistance and get on with their missions : blow up the train, attack the headquarters, free the Darcsen. Unfortunately, the charges don’t all go off on first try and so Gregor threatens to bomb the escaping Darcsen.

snapshot20090728224953Welkin isn’t perfect, girl

Welkin can’t make up his mind, so Faldio takes charge and orders to go on with the assault. True to his threats, Gregor makes shells fall. Even Rosie’s racist heart gets broken.snapshot20090728225325

Isara and Ramal manage to finish the train off with their stolen tank, Gregor might be dead, but that is one bitter victory for the Militia.

snapshot20090728224351I just want to adopt that kid.

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