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Valkyria Chronicles 09 – You’ll never shine if you don’t glow

July 22, 2009

snapshot20090722193212So that’s a Valkyrie, interesting

An Empire episode, with yet another prince whose big bro wants dead. But this one has an Azure Witch ready to slice conspirators even if it takes disobeying orders !

snapshot20090722193341Always send an innocent face to do your dirty work

Maximilian’s brother wants to spice up the succession game and gets his followers to try and ambush Maximilian on his way back to the capital. Of course it doesn’t work out that well, since Selvaria is way to devoted to let anything harm His Grace. Yes, another example of the he-picked-her-up-when-she-was-a-kid-and-all-alone loyalty. Good investment, boy.

snapshot20090722193447it’s on !

We also learn that Maximilian was sent to invade Gallia out of internal politics. His recent lost battles gets him chided by the whiny Emperor.

snapshot20090722193219that doesn’t sound very practical, unless they’re really all trying to get him killed

Interesting… (and Jaeger is fun too :D)

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