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I am a man of constant sorrow

July 21, 2009

I’ve seen trouble all my day…

snapshot20090721204527oh yes you’d better keep an eye out for this one, he’s more dangerous than stupid Eugene

A little bit of political intrigue and assassination attempts ! But not to worry, it is just to give Kajika and Rumati the time to become friends, since the Gods of Short-Sighted Shooters and Kind-Hearted Traitors are on their side… and even the Evil Stepmother and her poisoned strawberries can’t break the charm. Yes, unfortunately Rumati’s brother is really commited to killing him and the poor boy doesn’t want to believe it still. Kajika suffers the wrath of (one of ?) Li Ren’s ex. Between her and the stupid suicidal victims of Eugene, I’m glad Kajika is here to demonstrate women are not just empty-headed drama queens.

snapshot20090721214404“I can see what’s happening…”
snapshot20090721214526“and they don’t have a clue !”
snapshot20090721214535“disaster’s in the aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir”
snapshot20090721214551“caaaan you feeeeeel…”

They’re so cute, they do everything by the book !
Homemade cooking : check
Sneaking in by the window : check
Wearable reminder : check
Tough Love : check
And even the Love Hina “Let’s study together” Everlasting Love Promise !

I choose to see what I want to see and they’re probably related anyway 😀 but it’s not the silly competition between Li Ren and Eugene that is going to make me change my mind… I guess episode 9 was here to say “nope we didn’t forget about Yui let’s bring everyone back to Japan at her place”.

snapshot20090721210450that’s it get in a stranger’s car and take him home Oo
snapshot20090721210551Li Ren Does Not Approve®
snapshot20090721212048 okay that redeems the episode 😀

2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 22, 2009 02:49

    (one of ?) Li Ren’s ex.

    Oh, I am sure there were many 😛

    “caaaan you feeeeeel…”

    I like Elton John too 😛

    okay that redeems the episode 😀

    haha Episode nine was just awesome 🙂

  2. July 22, 2009 19:23

    Yeah, the question mark was quite pointless.

    I have to say I don’t know Elton John besides the Lion King songs, but I do love these 🙂

    Episode 9 had Eugene, which is a handicap since he gets on my nerves, but yeah it managed to be fun nonetheless 😀

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