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Valkyria Chronicles 07-08 Playing Indiana Jones in the desert

July 20, 2009

Let’s get back on track, or at least try to. Faldio, Welkin and Alicia go off exploring ruins while Welkin’s Darcsen sister waits in the car repairs the car. Faldio’s devoted pet stays with her and tries to hide that he likes her by being a jerk. Ah, to be young again 😀

snapshot20090718153250oh yeah now I remember why I watch this !
snapshot20090718153043she’s an azure witch or a Valkyrie or whatever but she glows blue…snapshot20090718153118and slashes bullets with a sword, which is all I care 😀

So they encounter Maximilian and his devoted Selvaria. After a little show-off where Alicia tries to be a good soldier and fails (Selvaria cheats anyway), Maximilian orders the big juggernaut fromm pic#1 to blow the whole building. Our friends get trapped in there, Faldio and Alicia sing a tribute to Welkin’s weirdness and reliability, he actually gets them out, all is well. We get to know a bit more about the history of their civilizations too.

snapshot20090718154753If I ever get trapped I definitely want it to be with cute baby pink lizards !

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