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The Marioby, Or There and Back again

June 27, 2009

My last posts may have triggered a few questions. Where have I been in Japan ? Am I just bragging and recycling pictures I found on the Internet ? To answer these questions, I’m offering a quick overview of my journey, complete with pictures of, not me obviously, since I like to stay in the shadows of this blog. Who then ? The now world-famous Marioby. Yup, a hippo. Since the camera loves it, it is starring in quite a few pictures. It’s been forgotten in Hakata, Himeji and Osaka though. I’ll highlight some of the places shown later with more serious pictures…

580Everybody loves meeeeee (special thanks to our very nice tour guide in Gion, Kyoto)

04 Marioby au dessus de la SuèdeI believe I can flyyy (above Sweden for a start)

14 Marioby au ZuihodenYes, I am here, find me in Sendai’s Zuihoden Memorial (Eastern Honshu)

41 Marioby a MatsushimaStaring at Fukurajima shima from Matsushima (Eastern Honshu)

75 Marioby dans les fleurs au GoryokakuMessing around the flowers at Goryokaku Koen in Hakodate (Hokkaido)

125 Marioby a Shikotsu ToyaLet’s get a closer look at volcanos (Lake Toya, Hokkaido)

241 Marioby et la Sapporo ClassicOnly in Hokkaido… good thing I managed to get one before leaving Sapporo for Kyushu

246 Marioby au trainSleeper trains : Japan Rail FTW

264 Marioby a BeppuThe sun, the sand, the ocean… and the onsen in Beppu (Kyushu)

309 Marioby au Ritsurin 1A brief stop in Shikoku to visit a wonderful garden with monsteeeeeeers !

485 Marioby a NaraSingin’ in the raaaain in Nara

537 Marioby au KinkakujiMaking american tourists smile at the Kinkakuji temple in Kyoto since 2009

637 Marioby a OdaibaSee the Fuji TV building behind me ? Yeah I’m in Tokyo ! The end of the trip…

(Arigatô Flo for the title’s idea 😉 )

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  1. June 29, 2009 06:46

    Oh wow, it looks like you really traveled to many locations in Japan 🙂

    Very cute photos with the hippo :3

  2. June 29, 2009 20:27

    Yes, which was made possible by comfortable trains that run on time. More on that later…

    Thank you, my hippo and I are glad you appreciate 😀


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