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Valkyria Chronicles 06 – Interviewing Squad 7

May 17, 2009

It was in fact better than what the preview let me think. A war correspondent wants to get to know the new Militia genius recruit and tries to interview him and his squad. But Alicia is always here to protect everyone’s reputation !

snapshot20090517114114unfortunately is the word

snapshot20090517114340Gallian Militia Idol today on Radio GBS

snapshot20090517114520It’s a pig. It won’t talk. No, seriously. It won’t.

snapshot20090517114532and then on to Militia’s Next Top Model

And that’s about all there is to the episode. Squad 1 and Squad 7 have a barbecue/brawling contest. Irene gets her interview in the end, and like everyone else, she doesn’t quite get Welkin.

snapshot20090517115118That’s the place to do it, sure.

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