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Another one bites the dust

May 10, 2009

snapshot20090510135852it’s the sunglasses in the dark that made it ❤

Juggernaut Kajika breaks down the defensive walls of another helpless boy ! Yeah I’ll skip the whole Eugene drama because they blew the thing out of proportions if just one MAGIC KAJIKA HUG (okay, and gunshot :D) could solve everything.

Li Ren is in trouble… Not only did Kajika get her pet Mustafa Eugene back to her loving arms, she manages to catch another one right after.

snapshot20090510134335yeah and “Denial is not just a big river in Egypt”

snapshot20090510134637calm down, she’s fourteen, if it was that kind of sleep that would be criminal and get him behind bars, and wouldn’t you like that ?

The poor guy is so out of his depth he starts indulging in the Mustafa fantasy too. This is sad.

And then Orient Blue comes along… Way to go Li Ren, invite your girl to a party where she meets candidate #2. The faster the better !

I’m sorry to say that I changed my allegiance with this episode… Even if I know Chinaman will win if he has to kill everyone else, I’m rooting for Lumati now, he’s much more fun ! The boy clearly loves his older brother who might want him dead, he’s good at heart but arrogant, the perfect match !

snapshot20090510143104Leon failed Basic Fight

snapshot20090510143129“tell him it’s a non-optional social convention”

snapshot20090510143301beware of my minions, they can blackmail you with suicide threats

snapshot20090510143336don’t show your face to me again, hmm ?

snapshot20090510140813I’m not scared and I’m not done with you. Your argument is invalid.

snapshot20090510143550he’s hit ! he’s hit ! dooooooooomed…

And it doesn’t help that his VA did Yojiro Akizuki (and many others but that’s the one I remember the best).

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  1. Tsubame permalink
    May 10, 2009 20:11

    Another pun ! I want another one 😀

    Tsubame or how to write useless comment again and again

  2. May 10, 2009 20:35

    Hehe I knew you’d like it ! You greedy girl…
    Comments are never useless (unless you’re trying to sell something of course :D)

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