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Valkyria Chronicles 05 – Birth of the Valkyrie

May 6, 2009

snapshot20090506204814RUN !

Alicia festival !

snapshot20090506203103this girl has a thing with spies…


This is the story of how Squad 7 won a winged pig mascot. Which did help the Militia plan their capture of the Imperial base, in a way.

We find ourselves in Kloden Forest, the stage where warriors reveal themselves to the enemy (and vegetation moves only by clumps).

a) Welkin the amazing strategist :

snapshot20090506203618when he’s done hitting on Alicia maybe

snapshot20090506203627and she won’t disapoint you

b) Alicia the rampaging warrior. She needs just a little teasing from Squad 1 Leader to get in motion and even gunshot wounds won’t stop her. Yeah, superficial gunshot wounds, but she still runs around like crazy after. That’s a good sturdy girl !

snapshot20090506204801and kicking your ass, too, by the way

So Jaeger has found out about two amazing elements of Squad 7. He still has to see Isara to be thoroughly baffled though. Anyway, he looks like a good smart no-nonsense enemy, my favorite kind.

I’m yielding the floor to Hans for a last thought :

snapshot20090506204147yeah, be scared, next ep looks pretty stupid…

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