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Valkyria Chronicles 04 – introducing the Villains

May 5, 2009

snapshot20090505210505and here is the Villains’ breakfast a.k.a the Dumb Arrogant General

Exhibit 1 : Chief of the Villains

snapshot20090505204819my cape flows, I’m wearing white, my name is Max, yeah I’m Captain Obvious

Exhibit 2 : Cerberus

snapshot20090505210100I’m the living incarnation of the Godwin law, but my name is Gregor

Exhibit 3 and 4 : Sidekicks

snapshot20090505211528I’m the devoted Selvaria and this laid-back playboy is a Hunter

The battlefront moves to Kolden and its forest, where General Dumbass loses all his men. Good thing he was too proud to take the mighty Squad 7 with him… But they will be going there soon enough.

Meanwhile, Welkin and his soldiers dally around doing laundry and cleaning for lack of mission. Alicia struggles with her image of Welkin who doesn’t want to fit in her neat little frame. The guy is a weirdo, but a reliable weirdo, you just have to get over it. That’s what his college pal Faldio teaches the girl, among other things…

snapshot20090505205655Not like General Loser had something valuable to say anyway

snapshot20090505205428Practicality 101

Alicia is doing pretty good, I hope they keep up the character development. I hope we get to know the rest of Squad 7 too, they’re growing on me.

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  1. poisonousbookworm permalink
    May 5, 2009 20:53

    LOL the first capture!! The design looks nice, but do you think I would like it? I am much less into battle/machine anime than you are…

  2. May 6, 2009 05:57

    Oh, I think you can try, there’s not that much emphasis on machines. Basically, for now it’s just tanks. No supergiant mecha with laserbeam. Old school warfare.
    It’s a nice show with the usual clichés and likeable characters, not the best of the season, but still highly enjoyable.

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