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Valkyria Chronicles 03 – Super Trooper and his amazing underwater tank

May 4, 2009

snapshot20090504130253Better than dynamite fishing, pikes don’t stand a chance

snapshot20090504122440with my Gundam gorgeous tank Edelweiss

Brand-new Squad 7 and their loving and caring commander don’t leave no bridges to the enemy, that’s right ! First mission is indeed a victory for cute little Darcsen engineers who can pimp tanks faster than you can blink.

Sent out to Vasel town and its vital bridge, Squad 7 under the command of Welkin Son of Gunther finds the enemy already having a picnic ont the opposite bank. Morale is waving due to some discontent among the real non-spoiled-brats-from-university soldiers. Seizing the opportunity to shine and get them off his sister’s Darcsen back, Welkin devises a foolproof plan. Next day, the bridge falls under the combined assault of fog, ornithology and darling Edelweiss.

snapshot20090504132659A good commander knows how to bluff

snapshot20090504122525A good commander doesn’t bail out on morale speeches

snapshot20090504122713A good commander cares for his soldiers

snapshot20090504122115A good commander should know when to SHUT UP too

So little Welkin wins his badge of honour and the respect of his oldest grunts with his stunts and studies of swallows’ altitude of flight. Biology is always, always useful, kids, see ?

Next episode, we get to see more of Welkin’s college pal Faldio and blushing violent Alicia.

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