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Perfect day for a shoujo

April 17, 2009

First anime to pass Spring screening (again, FMA doesn’t count) !

snapshot20090417204706OH YAY OVER-THE-TOP SHOUJO \o/ !

I have a sweet spot for outrageously shoujo-ish shoujo, and how accurately did this one hit it. It’s got everything I like : strong yet ridiculous female lead, lots of cool caricatural bishounen, clichés, unintentional comedy, totally unbelievable situations, and even a leopard.

A rich heiress accepts her dad’s challenge to choose her husband among the three men he selected. Headstrong Kajika must find them and make the one she chooses fall for her. Her father assures her she won’t have trouble finding them because they’re the top three guys on earth. Bring it on !
Of course, to make matters simpler, Bachelorette has already loved and lost her soulmate before.
His name was Mustafa, and how beautiful he was…

snapshot200904172115021I am NOT a lolcat, I do not need a caption.

Yeah, she was in love with her pet. Well, she did grow up almost alone on a Caribbean island. Almost ? Oh, did I forget THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND ?

snapshot20090417203724you’re doomed, boy, dooooooooooomed !

Sadly, Li Ren here is not one of the contestants, Dad has such a sense of humor he makes him watch over his daughter while she chooses. But how could he…

When after all he’s rich and smart and cool and…

And when on top of that the first candidate is the reincarnation of Mustafa (or so Kajika believes), things are not getting any easier for the outsider.

snapshot20090417210232oh sh– I have to kill him again ???

Oh and Mustafa 2.0 is also a cold-blooded bastard who gets stupid american girls to commit suicide over his pretty golden green eyes. But at heart he’s just a poor little rich kid and Kajika sees right through him with her piercing grey stare that can stop thugs in their tracks.
Unsurprisingly, Li Ren does not approve. But at least this feeling isn’t unrequited…

snapshot20090417214653snapshot20090417211956hahaha no seriously this kid needs to upgrade his insulting vocabulary big time.

I am going to have soooo much fun with this one.

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  1. April 18, 2009 19:34

    Oh, FMA does not count? hehe You really like it, isn’t it 🙂

    I prefer the kitty in its original form – the reincarnation’s eyes are just too scary 😛

    Chinaman will be in trouble soon 😛

    This is a fun anime that I’ll cover regularly 🙂

  2. April 19, 2009 19:54

    I know, I’m not very subtle 😀

    These eyes look just weird.

    I do hope so, Chinaman needs a good challenge to change his status !

    Yeah, I thought so, looking forward to your posts ! I don’t know yet if I’ll cover it regularly or from time to time, but I will definitely follow it.

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