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Tytania 15 – Lolis are the best grief counsellors

February 1, 2009

snapshot20090131205100I sense a comeback !

Grieving Fan episodes over ! I already explained my views about the way they staged Lira’s death, so I won’t go back on it, but it did make empathy for the whole “getting over it” part difficult.

Fan wanders around on Casabianca with the little admiring kid he met on Euria. They go hiking. They talk. And finally Fan decides to move forward again ! Dancing lolis are the best. They can ever fool Tytanian soldiers ! Yes, the hunt for Fan is still going on, with Zarlich and Idris on the trail. More on that later. Still, these soldiers were a little too meek, I remember more forceful ones on Euria…

snapshot20090131204949I have to hand it to him, this scene did make me laugh

The future is bright !

snapshot20090131205028good luck on making him wash the dishes

And it was high time, things were getting hard on the Honest Old Man…

snapshot20090131204551I have a feeling Miranda without beer is something we don’t wanna see

Back on Uraniborg, Bal is dealing with his own loss, with a little support from dear Lydia.


Zarlich is still in space, looking for information on Fan. Idris is trying to steal his claim on Alses’ killer, the backstabbing weasel. And he doesn’t like to be disappointed, as Fan escapes again…

snapshot20090131204739Oh SHI- he’s not dead ????

snapshot20090131204749all is well that ends well

snapshot20090131204803you can grin all you want…

snapshot20090131204623he knows what you are.

Next episode, Miranda’s crew runs wild again !

snapshot20090131205209somebody should take Disguise 101

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  1. February 8, 2009 04:06

    Yes, that dance was fun 🙂 It was nice to see a slice-of-life episode, but I agree that the whole romance with Lyra did seem unnatural.

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