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Maria†Holic 03 – Ryuuken-sama saves the day

January 24, 2009

snapshot20090124191346No idea what this is, but I want one naoooo

I still wonder what the monsters are doing in this show. Though I like the one in the bag, it’s so cuuuuuuute~ 😀

Boring episode, especially the Kanako monologues. Mariya and Matsurika need to be around more often to cut these off.

Now, as to why Ryuuken-sama saves the day.

She lays her claim on Kanako by saying she’ll be protecting her, right in front of Mariya. Thus saving an otherwise very dull episode.

snapshot20090124191300gotcha ! still, nothing can shake Matsurika.

But Kanako already has a girlfriend, Kiri is first…

snapshot20090124193212say that again ?

This show is sooo not serious. Just one of those “stop thinking and go with the flow”. I’m doing just that for now, we’ll see how long I’ll keep up !

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