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Minami-ke Okaeri 01 – akemashite omedetou !

January 11, 2009

snapshot20090111125424Chiaki 1 – Kana 0

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard, for this third ride on the Minami sisters’ rollercoaster !

Packed with action, adventure, mind-boggling theories, and more !

I’m glad to welcome back the amazing cast of Minami-ke. Nothing changes much :

snapshot20090111125334Takeru is still a loser

snapshot20090111125637Kana is still a slug in the mornings…

snapshot20090111125418and a pain in the afternoons 😀

snapshot20090111125522Hosaka-senpai is still delusional

Haruka is still amazing, and so on. No Mako-chan for now, but all good things come in due time…

One good thing did change though : no more black shadows for the characters in the background, one of the reasons I dropped the second season halfway. Thanks.

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