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Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen 10-11 : calling for an encore

January 2, 2009

Some things change…



… and some don’t 🙂




Since there is no real end for this season, I find it quite pointless to write a full review of Nodame Paris. There is not much more to say than I already wrote in previous posts in fact. We had a little character development, new protagonists, Paris and weird French, it was enjoyable, and that’s all.

I watch this show for two reasons : Nodame, and the classical music setting. The first because I just love nonsensical yet sometimes serious characters like her, the second because I’m somewhat familiar with this environment and I enjoy it. So I liked this season, even if it was short and not very consistent (things like Rui popping in and out for no real reason, Frank being around for the first episodes then totally forgotten, and so on). Looking forward to the next 🙂

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  1. poison_key permalink
    January 2, 2009 23:06

    did you ever try the drama? it’s good, since for one that is a serie that can be updated without too many problems…The season in Paris is also absolutely hilarious for us, listening to their mangled french lol

  2. dohrnaira permalink*
    January 3, 2009 11:14

    Yup, watched the first season. You’re right, I should get my hands on the Paris chapter too !

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