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Nabari no Ou anime review : not just as planned

December 14, 2008

snapshot20081212232634What, a ninja show ? Seriously… I’m out.

First episode in, our main protagonist, Rokujou Miharu, average middle-schooler, clearly shows he is not interested in the project. So was I. Let me explain.

Miharu is in possession of a tremendous power called Shinrabanshou. He discovers that his teacher Kumohira and classmate Aizawa are not just airheads but actual ninjas of one of the five villages, Banten, the town where he lives. They explain the thing with Shinrabanshou. He must not use it, because no one should wield that kind of power. Of course, villains from one other village, Kairoshu, are out to get him. The two will protect him, along with a blond genki samourai girl and some guys from yet another village. They need to gather all forbidden techniques from the 5 villages to learn how to get Shinrabanshou out of Miharu and out of reach for ever.

So. Ninjas, a young boy with hidden powers and a destiny to fulfill, heroes, villains, fights, throw in some random sidekicks, 10 minutes in the oven and you have a generic shônen. 60-something episodes of Naruto had seriously dulled any spontaneous curiosity I could have had towards such ingredients.

Except, well…

Ninjas : yes, there are. Didn’t know they spent so much time talking, though.

A young boy with a destiny to fulfill : yes, except he couldn’t care less about it.

Heroes : weeeeell, I guess there is one guy with a white knight syndrome, but that only makes him a candidate for “most annoying and useless character ever”. Yes, Kumohira-sensei, that’s you.

Villains : yup, pretty much everyone.

Fights : mmmm, yes, sometimes they fight. Not often, never lasts long. Still, can be impressive.

Random sidekicks : Ah haaa, there you get what you expected.

So, in fact, what’s the deal ?

He’s the deal.

yoiteHi, I’m Yoite and I’m taking over this series, don’t argue or I’ll wring your bones. I believe it hurts.

This psycho jumps in at episode 3, kills and maims several people, and before you even have time to say “WTF ????” he becomes the center of Miharu’s world, thus drastically changing the course of the plot. Pretty ironic for a guy whose wish is to never have existed.

Who is he, to thwart my expectations like that ? Yoite is not even his name. He’s also referred as “the Kira user”, which means he has learned the forbidden technique of Kairoshu. He basically sucks the life out of people simply by pointing his finger at them. Of course, life is not so simple, even in anime, and this awesome ability has a price. Yoite dies a little each time he uses it. By the time he enters the story, he’s already way into zombie territory, but it does not affect his will to fulfill his wish. For which he needs Miharu’s powers and won’t mind using blackmail and hanging death threats over Miharu’s buddys.

Such a dramatic character immediately overshadows Miharu, whose voluntary apathy and repeated escape from any kind of involvement do not make for a strong lead. Even if his devilish ability to “cute” people out to get away does make him an interesting character.

snapshot20081212233548Keep blabbing, I’m doin’ my homework in the meantime…

snapshot20081212233637or not ?

Being a nice kid, he does not want his friends killed because of him, and chooses to follow Yoite. Then starts to care about him. Then wants to actually save the guy. Which is probably the only decision Miharu’s taken by himself and for himself during the whole span of this anime. These two build a special relationship that, according to what I read online at the time, got a lot of people to go “warning, yaoi bait !!!”. I really, really fail to agree to that. Yes, they’ve got quite a few emotional scenes. Yes, they cling to each other like velcro. Still, there is absolutely no romance of any kind between them. The way I see them, they’re just like wild wounded animals protecting each other.

yoitetomiharuyou and me vs. the world”

I’ve been rambling about the siamese twins for some time now, but I’m not forgetting the supporting cast.

Here’s my favorite for starters. Shijima is scary, she’s mysterious, and she’s always there. She’s one reason I will try and read the manga, because she gets very little development in the anime and I believe she deserves better.


Her partner in crime, the aforementioned Aizawa, is quite a good surprise too.


I will try not to rant to much at Kumohira. I will. But seriously, all he does is getting people and himself in deep shit because he’s not ready to do what it takes. A ninja who can’t kill is a useless ninja. Yoite might be a bigger emo wreckage but at least he’s taking action.

kumohiraHis only redeeming feature is his excellent taste in women

The samurai siblings add a bit of fun too. Sure, their history is quite cliché : blablabla I’m taking the blame for our family’s destruction and I’ll be your enemy but I still love you, little sister, whatever. But Raimei is not as annoying as she could have been, she’s a good friend to Miharu even in times of betrayal, and she can fight. Her brother Raikou has pink hair, a weird clothing sense and a puppy-eyed devoted follower, which makes him an oddly cool character.

The other siblings of the show, the Kairoshu members Yukimi and his sister Kazuho, are much more regular, normal people. Yukimi is the one responsible for Yoite since the leader dumped him on his doorstep. I just love his no-nonsense attitude, useful when you deal with such a difficult kid. After all, he is a gun-using ninja. Talk about practical.

sekai1Yukimi, Raikou, Yoite, Miharu, Team Kairoshu. Wait what ?

The leaders of Kairoshu bored me, so I won’t talk about them. Sure, they are charismatic enough, but their motivations are just, duh. Boring.

Last but not least, the beloved and famous Fuuma leader, Koutaro. Interesting guy. And that’s not just because he annoys the hell out of Kumohira. He’s got no other ulterior motive than to see interesting things happen, and just helps with a little push here and there sometimes.

Conclusion ?

Well, I did find this show interesting. The characters were not all white or all black.  You had enemies working sometimes together, shifting allegiances. Betrayal, double agents. Fights, sometimes. And nice artwork.

On the down side, the pace is (too) slow, yet the end feels a bit rushed. This show does have a proper ending and wrap things up, but you feel they dumped things on the way. In fact, they made a good job at making me want to read the manga, since they made up the anime’s end. Damn. Must brush up my japanese reading skills.

All in all, not the best show of 2008, but a refreshing one.

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  1. poison_key permalink
    December 15, 2008 20:48

    THAAAANK YOU! I am happy to see that you DID like it, because, really, how often am I the one recommanding you some anime, huh?
    You found nice pictures for the post by the way ^_^.
    Concerning the yaoi comment, I agree with your interpretation of ‘wounded animals’ really despite my being a huge yaoi fan (one of our main differences) BUT I will not believe that there is some fan service in this anime- it’s clear that the anime industry plays on it a lot.
    Don’t agree? Think about Kuroshitsuji (I will see to it that your promised post is actually posted!) and Death Note ep 25 – while the rest of the anime is pretty damn close to the manga, a complete new scene with the 2 characters face to face in the rain with moving music??
    There is only one rule about slashing: 2 pretty/cute/handsome boys/men that interacts are enough! (some of them are not even that cute, but after that it’s up to your personal taste…)

  2. dohrnaira permalink*
    December 15, 2008 21:17

    You’re still intent on enlightening me on yaoi issues 😀
    Yup, I see your point.
    By the way, the pictures are mostly from the artbook, I thank my scanner for this one.

    (yes, you will have your post, you greedy girl !)

  3. Tsubame permalink
    December 17, 2008 14:53

    You know girls that you frighten me sometimes, do you ? :))

    Anyway, sound pretty interesting.
    Love your writting dohrnaira (even more ironic and incisive than in French)

  4. dohrnaira permalink*
    December 17, 2008 22:29

    Arigatô gozaimasu m(_ _)m !
    The pressure, the pressure ! I shall do my best to keep on frightening and entertaining you then 😀

  5. Link permalink
    February 8, 2012 11:19

    Finally someone who is like “OH LOOK They’re just trying to protect each other and stuff” xD
    People always try to make things worse than what they are -_-‘
    If the only person you knew about and were kinda friends with, I’m sure you’d hug them too and try to get them to live, despite everything, just saying
    Good review

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