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Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen 09 – Nodame à Saint-Malo

December 11, 2008

Sheep, Mozart and lulz.


O RLY ? Not cows, heh ?

Set up, set up, set up for next week.

Tanya agonizes about her holidays and ends up going to Saint-Malo with Nodame and her hubby. Ahaaaa the wonderful sight of the sea finally shuts her up ! (By the way Kuroki is a really good guy, I like how he tells her so earnestly that she has no taste.) It stills makes Chiaki panic though, which fails to delight Nodame despite the way he clings to her (payback for his former haughty behavior).


Then, they eat yummy things.


And they end up in a castle, property of a weird guy in cosplay with a very badly-drawn wife. Weird guy is so passionate about Mozart he makes Nodame anxious about her recital. Baaaah, having her hubby read Mozart’s letters for a bedtime story makes her all genki again, so no worries !

snapshot20081211214520FRANPONAIS IS MORE FNU

Tadaaaaa. Set up, set up, set up.

Next week : Nodame in cosplay ! At least it’s not a donkey this time.

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