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How to get over a Toradora marathon 2/2

December 9, 2008

Where was I ? Yes, interactions !

Ryuuji and Taiga

Officially, they are master and dog (or dragon and tiger). Ryuuji makes her meals, understands her quite well, is generally here for her and gets a lot of verbal and physical abuse out of it. But Taiga is not an ungrateful master, she can show support too. She’s helping out Ryuuji with his crush on Minori after all, and she can even apologize. He’s helping her out with her crush on Kitamura too, but she gets so nervous every time it’s all quite useless. The way they act so natural around each other is so refreshing in this kind of setting.



Taiga and Ami

Now that is fun to watch. Ami knows how to get at Taiga and Taiga knows how to retaliate.



Ami and Ryuuji

She keeps pulling pranks on the poor guy, and why wouldn’t she ? They work ! But are these really pranks ? You never know with that girl.


Minori and Kitamura

They seem to be teaming up and cheering Taiga and Ryuuji on.


Minori and Ryuuji

Minori trusts Ryuuji enough to leave her friend in his care and to, you could say, open her heart to him. Ami says they’re polar opposites, like the sun and the moon, which is not totally off-topic. I don’t see Ryuuji going anywhere with her, despite the cheesy things she can spout sometimes. Friendship is a sure thing though.



And the answer to the title ? I’d recommend listening to the OP everyday 😀

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