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How to get over a Toradora marathon 1/2

December 8, 2008

After quite a bit of lurking around on anime blogs where I read a lot of good things about Toradora, I finally sat down and gave it a go.

My, that was a hell of a ride !


Two things make this show interesting : the characters and how they interact with each other. That is a pretty basic thing to say, but allow me to try to explain my meaning. You won’t hear about plot here, because it’s almost irrelevant. It’s a high-school romantic comedy and that’s all you need to know.

First, characters.

Takasu Ryuuji

snapshot20081207120343that’s the face he makes when there’s a CLEANING CHALLENGE !

He’s a really nice guy with a scary face. He has “reliable” written all over him. He can cook, clean, sew, listen, and generally take care of people. He’s just a little dense and naïve sometimes (otherwise he’ll be perfect, and perfect is boring), which makes the delight of…

Kawashima Ami

snapshot20081207113056devious and aware of her charms, perfect match

The two-faced nice girl who plays the catalyst role. She’s clever, she’s constantly playing tricks, and you can never be sure of what she’s really thinking or planning. She can annoy the living hell out of…

Aisaka Taiga

snapshot20081205225040the Palmtop Tiger is not a morning person

The violent yet adorable girl with size issues. She’s a fierce fighter good with both words and fists (oh, and feet too). She can be quite helpless too, but that’s just not a problem when your neighbor is Ryuuji, is it ? And she can drool over pictures of…

Kitamura Yuusaku

snapshot20081207160533Hi mister Normal Guy !

The vice-president of the school council, typical nice guy and popular with the ladies too. He’s a good judge of character, well, being Ami’s childhood friend may have educated him. He would be perfectly normal if he didn’t indulge in exhibitionism sometimes. He’s into sports just like…

Kushieda Minori

snapshot20081207124623nah, getting hit by a crate won’t stop her

The hyperactive happy-go-lucky girl. Despite living on her own little planet, she’s also pretty observant and caring.

To be continued…

2 Comments leave one →
  1. poison_key permalink
    December 9, 2008 20:30

    since you recommend it, I will give it a go…

  2. dohrnaira permalink*
    December 10, 2008 20:53

    Thank you for your trust 😀
    (or more accurately : yaaaah listen to my voiiiiice)

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