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Tytania 08 – Tytania’s DOOM has a name

December 6, 2008

And it’s Lydia !

snapshot20081206112109Small wind, heh ? GOOD LUCK GUYS ๐Ÿ˜€

Space battles, Fan running away from trouble, and Jouslain sitting in fancy chairs. This series is so easy to summarize !

Well, the only thing really happening in that episode is Lydia offering herself as a hostage. Tytania really got more than they asked for, you want a mine, you end up with a useless princess. They shouldn’t have parked their ships in her flowerbeds, she’s spent 7 episodes tending them after all !

snapshot20081206112016that’s not very serious…

Well, she’s gonna have a great time on Uraniborg, it’s just like a huge theme park for little girls…

snapshot20081206113729Best tearoom EVER.

Between war councils, conspiring against family members, telling each other how great they are, or boring people with your self-doubts, there’s a lot of group activities available too.

I hope she enjoys tea, it’s the only thing they ever drink up there.

Well, to be honest, something else happens, we finally get some movement on the Fan Hyulick front. Will he actually do something instead of just being a smartass (and knowing when to run) ? Is Dr Lee really able to pin him down to something ? More importantly, WHEN will any of those questions be answered ?

snapshot20081206112228I pick C : None of the above

snapshot20081206112211Now, where have I heard that before…

I sure hope for a change of pace ๐Ÿ˜€

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