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Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen 07 : Ghost of the S Orchestra

November 30, 2008

The black prince inherits another comedy orchestra. Sounds like FUN !

sorchestra1Mine himself didn’t think of having acrobats around.

Extremely short summary :

Chiaki gives his first concert with the Marlet Orchestra. It’s not a complete failure, given the premises : too little time, a concertmaster with attitude, and last-minute replacements. The mixed laughs and applause made him realize he’s been here before… S orchestra anyone ?

ballerinaswell, it’s better than dressed up as ballerinas.

Highlight of this episode :

Nodame got asked to stand in for the celesta player by her “husband” ! Unfortunately Rui steals her groove. Sure, she’s got the fame and she knows the orchestra. Whatever. I really liked the fact that Chiaki tried to resist and Nodame made him realize it was better to go along with the flow. Looks like Nodame’s jealousy will only be professional from now on…


Conclusion :

Rui is annoying. That sounds like it came out of nowhere, but still, Rui is annoying. She’s nice, she’s talented, but she does take too much things for granted. There have been worse cases of spoiled talented rich brats with parents issues. Still. Annoying.


As for the music, that Bolero really made me cringe and my ears aren’t that well trained. The Marlet Orchestra really needs some shaping up 😀 Again, I ask : where’s Mine ?

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  1. December 3, 2008 21:39

    Dans ton … ?


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