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Tytania 07 – Space pirates !!

November 27, 2008

Also, QUALITY animation.

But first, a summary.

Part One :Team Huylick and the space pirates !!

The Honest Old Man needs a refuel, so they go on some nice safe and quiet planet. Whoops, it just got attacked, and, yes, it’s all Tytania’s fault for blowing out Tyrandia. So now the only way to get what they came for is to pay a little visit to the Blaze Flag army, the super spaces pirates !! and their commander Doorman (that’s an impressive name for one).Doorman wants to kick Tytania’s ass big time, and everyone agrees, except a Chinese guy with a PhD in philosophy and a bad temper. Doorman tries to recruit Fan, unfortunately Fan doesn’t hold a grudge against Tytania and is not into wars anyway, thanks but no thanks.

Part Two : Team Tytania and the tedious meetings

When trying to undermine Ariabart, Idris gets pwned by his Best Friend Zahrlich. Jouslain and Ariabart are better at alliances and have a nice chat. Jouslain sits in a chair. God’s older bro and his son are still scheming. Yawn.

sittinginachairStop striking poses and get that girl a chair too, silly.

Part Three : Fight !

Finally, the space pirates go after a Tytanian fortress, and BOOM ! Laser beams, hilarious space outfits, and so on.

Random Part : Team Lydia

She’s no Marie-Antoinette, that kid. Her people are starving, but she won’t tell them to eat brioche, no sir !



Overall impressions :

I can’t manage to give some meaningful thoughts. I got distracted by the wallet-stealing gimmick, the still car/moving landscape way of travelling and mostly by thE fUNny eYEs sYNdrOme.

Exhibit One :

snapshot20081127213727WeLl YOu AnD yOuR TwIN BroTHer anYwAy

Exhibit Two :

snapshot20081127214430I aM alreADy uglY thiS is nOt hELping !

Exhibit Three :

snapshot20081127214359FaIR iS fAir TheY’rE DoiNg it To aLL sIDEs

Ah, well, there are times when I have the attention span of a goldfish.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. November 28, 2008 01:05

    haha You thought of the chair too! 🙂

    This episode was somewhat boring though.

  2. dohrnaira permalink*
    November 28, 2008 11:32

    Indeed… it’s so slow it leaves time to think about important things such as Women’s Rights To Sit 😀

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