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Tytania 06 – Learn from your failures

November 16, 2008

tytania631With flowers and sparkles !

There is a reason why Idris is one of the final four, he is actually smart when it comes to find a way to blow more people up. It even astonishes Jouslain who seemed to have gotten away with all the brain cells in his generation so far.


So as not to be left behind, Jouslain comes up with a way for Ariabart to clean his tab. Ariabart uses the Weigelt cannons tactic. He almost gets blown by a reckless enthusiast, but he does win. Those two nasty kids at home will stop bullying him now. The reckless enthusiast did not die in vain, he might have gotten Fan Hyulic a job. Admiral Old School of Tyrangia does see the point of getting new thinking on the battlefield now. Next week Fan seems to be doing something besides eating, so maybe we’re going somewhere with that plotline.

Tytanian internal affairs are busy too. We get to see the blond guy from last week, who does have a purpose : he wants to put his daddy on God’s throne. He has amazing spying techniques (listening to doors, who would have thought) and is playing against Idris, so let’s wish him all the luck.

Finally, finally, Lydia is sloooowly getting weaved into the plot. So she’s a neighbor of Tyrangia in a region of not-quite-yet rebels. Soon she’s gonna lead an army of carnivorous plants and shovel dirt on her enemies.


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  1. November 16, 2008 14:48

    Be careful, a plant is eating your glove with its stolon !
    (damn Harraps, can’t even give me the english word)

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