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Tytania 05 – Jouslain is such a ladykiller

November 10, 2008


Oh yes you are.

So Tytania started its own religion. It unsurprisingly involves human sacrifice. Nice touch, old man !

Tyrandia goes down the rebellious slope after losing its Grand Duke, and the Grand Duchess can’t do much about it despite her constant worship. Jouslain is sent by God to fix things and proves once again to be the smart one of the group.

And this week, a lot of important things happen, such as

– Lydia getting dirt on her face

– Fan eating an omelet

– Lira stealing some bread

And let’s not forget, introducing new Tytania minions :



Oh, thank you, voiceover, I was wondering what he was doing here. I just love this narration device : “here is some guy, dunno what he’s here for yet, but we’ll find something to do for him soon, really he’s not just here to show that Tytania guys can have bad hair days”.

Good episode, although the pace is slow. What was the point : Tytania does have worshippers (but with short life expectancy) ? Jouslain is smart and gets all the girls ? I think we already knew or understood that anyway…

Not much Fan this week, so not much comic relief either.

Hopefully next week Ariabart gets to kick some ass sitting in a chair drinking tea with his buddies. Fan will be too busy hunting for his wallet and will spare him another spanking, so Daddy won’t be deeply disappointed again. SPACE BATTLE NOW PLEASE.

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