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Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen 04 : Nodame knows how to use the Force

November 10, 2008


To put it simply, Nodame was awesome in this episode. Well, she usually is, but this time she was legendary ! She sucks her piano teacher in her vortex of weirdness, she gets on with random annoying blonde kid, she sets dumbass Chiaki straight…

Hahaha Chiaki has lost the Lovers Mind Game… this jerk doesn’t deserve you but well done Nodame, well done !


And now, for some quick thoughts about the series :

This new season follows the first quite nicely. When the orchestra plays, it still looks like WE ARE THE ROBOT MUSICIANS ARMY, INSERT COIN HERE, but I guess it’s not that easy to animate, let’s not be greedy. At least they did some research on Paris, it looks good, albeit way too lifeless, but then again, I’d rather see the streets empty than full of cardboard-cutout people not moving.

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  1. November 16, 2008 15:15

    “She sucks her piano teacher in her vortex of weirdness”
    Hey, is it a hentai ?
    Could you lend it to me ?

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